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My favourite zero waste snacks

Snacks are notoriously hard to find without packaging, so here are some of my favourite snacks I'm able to get packaging free. These are perfect for busy or low key lazy people!


My favourite by far and filling the space that crisps used to take before I went zero waste. I buy the popcorn kernels in an unpacked store and then you can pop them on your stove. Flavouring options are endless but I love classic salted.


I know it might sound a little boring, but seriously, fresh fruit like a peach or nectarine from the local market, bought unpackaged is an amazing snack and requires basically no effort.


I love this indulgent snack. Popping into a local bakery or even supermarket and picking up an unpacked pastry in a cloth bag or Tupperware is perfect for the end of a week, or a travel snack.


Now hear me out. Sweets are notoriously hard to find without plastic wrapping, so old fashioned pick a mix is an amazing alternative. Many offer a paper bag or a cup - both of which can be reused many times before they fall apart, meaning your sweet tooth can be satisfied many times!


I love a savoury snacks and so nuts are perfect. Some nuts are usually available at an unpackaged snack so choose your favourite and enjoy plain or with salt.

Dried Fruit

Thankfully quite easy to find at any unpackaged shop, dried fruits are a good on the go snack. From simple raisins to dried apricots, to even the amazing dried mango, dried fruit are perfect to keep in your bag for when you need a sweet pick me up.


So there you have it, 6 zero waste snacking options. Now not all of these will be available to everyone, especially if you don't have a bulk store to buy popcorn kernels, nuts or dried fruit. But there are still ways to reduce waste by buying in bigger quantities to reduce the amount of packaging. 500g of popcorn kernels in plastic is still going to be a lot less plastic than individual packs of crisps or even the microwavable bags of popcorn. A big bag of nuts will be less wasteful than mini "individual-sized" portions and you can separate them into smaller portions yourself if you want. You can even dry your fruit if you're feeling clever so you have dried fruit on hand whenever you need it.

Snack foods don't just need to be ruled out when you go zero waste, you just need to be a little bit savvy!


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