About me

I’m Natalie and I am a Christian doctor, currently living in West London.

I am passionate about the environment,  social justice and  seeing restoration in these areas. As a Christian I believe that we were called to be stewards of the Earth and to care for it, and that we are also called to love our neighbours all around the world. I think Christians should be stepping into the heart of restoration and fighting injustice, and I would love to see a generation of Christians rise up to become advocates.

I started my zero waste journey after a trip to India where witnessed first hand the impact of pollution and the consequences of poverty and injustice. I was so moved that I wasn’t able to continue my life as I had before, and later I started my instagram in July 2017 to keep me accountable with these lifestyle changes without wanting to preach to my friends and family. I continue to share ways to live a more eco-friendly life on there today.


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