Meet Natalie

I'm Natalie - a busy, London-based doctor, Christian, and climate activist, trying to live a zero waste life.

My low waste journey started at the end of my student days when my eyes were opened to the impact pollution, poverty, and the climate crisis is having on our world, and I've continued to live a zero waste life and get involved with climate activism despite graduating to be a busy NHS doctor.

I believe that environmental and social justice activism can be accessible to everyone, no matter how busy your life is, and I would love to encourage you to get involved, as I share a realistic, relatable, and guilt-free account of my own zero waste journey.

You'll often find me with a reusable mug of tea in hand, proudly outfit repeating, leftover eating and planning what I can grow next on my tiny London balcony (currently tomatoes).

On the Zero Waste Doc blog, you'll find posts on a range of topics such as zero waste for busy people, the basics of climate activism, and social justice.

I'm also Christian and if you're interested in reading about why I think faith, environmental and social justice go hand in hand, you'll be able to find that here too. I think Christians should be stepping into the heart of environmental restoration and fighting injustice, and I would love to see a generation of Christians rise up to become advocates. If that doesn't interest you, feel free to skip on through it.



Where I'm most often found, sharing a realistic and relatable view of my zero waste journey.

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