What is zero waste?

What even is a zero waste life, what does it mean for me, and why should I try to live it?

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Budget zero waste tips

Living zero waste can seem intimidating  and expensive at first but it really doesn't have to be.

Staring living zero waste today

Where do I start?

You really don't need to buy anything new to start living a zero waste life. Check out a few places you can start without having to own more items.

10 steps to zero waste


Welcome to the Zero Waste Doc website where I share environmental sustainability advice for busy people like yourself.

I am a Christian, full time doctor based in West London and have been sharing tips for a zero waste life on Instagram since 2017.

I'm busy, and you're busy too, but I know from my own experience that busy-ness doesn't exclude you from making a positive impact on our environment by living lighter.

I believe we can all tread more lightly on this planet of ours by generating less waste, by reducing our emissions, by supporting projects that build up other people instead of tearing them down, and by doing what we are able, to live a sustainable life - as if we planned to stay on the planet.

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Want to learn more about zero waste living?

The zero waste lifestyle can sometimes seem huge and overwhelming, so I have been breaking it down into bite-sized topics so we can all grow further into our zero waste journeys.

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